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Explanatory Notes

Welcome to the Explanatory Notes page. Access Explanatory Notes by The National Consumer Commission. This helps by simplifying consumer rights and regulations for your understanding.

One of the NCC’s strategic objectives is to ensure improved compliance with the CPA. The Commission further provides guidance to the public to promote compliance, and to influence the reform of business practices that are inconsistent therewith. For any CPA non-binding legal opinions or advisories, requests can be forwarded to 

Explanatory Notes in order of date published.

No. 1/2024
27 March 2024
The validity of a Referral made by the National Consumer Commission to the National Consumer Tribunal, wherein the referral goes wider than the complaint on which it is based.
No. 8/2023
12 December 2023
The right to lodge a complaint on behalf of consumers in terms of the Consumer Protection Act.
No. 7/2023
27 October 2023
The right to elect remedies in terms section 56 of the Consumer Protection Act
No. 6/2023
29 September 2023
Monetary redress permissible under the Consumer Protection Act
No. 5/2023
24 July 2023
Guidance to suppliers/importers and other stakeholders on steps to be undertaken by suppliers/importers upon receipt of Compliance Notice and the implications of failure to comply with a Compliance Notice
No. 4/2023
27 June 2023
Reasonable cancellation penalty charge in terms of section 17 vs cancellation without penalty in terms of section 19 read with section 21 of the Consumer Protection Act
No. 3/2023
30 March 2023
Explanatory note to give guidance to suppliers, consumers,NCC Staff and other stakeholders on the application/interpretation of Section 116 of the CPA, when used as a defence against a compliance notice issued by the NCC in terms of Section 100 of the CPA
No. 2/2023
30 March 2023
To give guidance to consumers, and other stakeholders on issues that they need to guard against when signing a finance agreement for purposes of purchasing goods, so that the provisions of the CPA are not excluded in terms of section 5 (2) (d) of the CPA
No. 1/2023
09 February 2023
Explanatory note to give guidance to consumers and other stakeholders on the remedy for a refund as provided in terms of Section 20 versus the remedy for a refund as provided in terms of Section 56 of the CPA.

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