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Research Reports

Research and Knowledge Management

Among other functions of the Commission as enshrined in the CPA No 68 of 2008, the NCC is tasked with conducting research into areas affecting the South African market, matters affecting the supply of goods and services, trends, identifying areas of priority, and setting a research agenda that meets the needs of consumer protection and international practices. The Commission achieves this through the Research Unit.

Upon receiving complaints, the Research Unit analyses them and to identify possible trends that are inconsistent with the provisions of the CPA. The trends give the Commission a better view regarding the information required by both consumers and suppliers. Where research conducted proposes policy review or policy change, the Commission advises the Minister of such proposals to ensure that South African consumers continue to enjoy their consumer rights.

Published Research Reports can be found below:

HSRC Report - Attitudes towards consumer rights

HSRC Report -
Attitudes towards Consumer Rights and Protection

How COVID-19 is affecting consumers in South Africa

How COVID-19 is affecting consumers in South Africa, behaviour shifts and policy response